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  • Police investigating Harmonize after brawl with Diamond’s
  • Baba Levo has threatened similar retaliation in future


Wasafi TV presenter and singer Baba Levo is now accusing Konde Gang boss Harmonize for assaulting him at a Casino.

According to Baba Levo it all started when a billionaire at a Casino won T shillings 1 billion after playing and in turn the billionaire dished out Tsh 10 million shillings to Baba Levo where he was instructed to share with his colleagues including Harmonize, Rayvanny and other artists who at the popular Casino joint.

“The guy was drunk after I was given money he approached me and forcefully took away one bundle of the cash worth T shillings 2 million.I begged him severally to surrender the money so that can share all of us but he refused. I was forced to take it back and it was at that point he pounced on me and roughed me up by neck then left.I must take action I have written statement with the police  actually they are looking for him over the same.” Baba Levo said.

Warning  To Harmonize

“This will be my last time to be weak, polite to be mistreated in front of people and not throw even one punch in front of the person who attacks me…!!I think it may also be the last time to run to dollar utensils (POLICE)NEXT TIME I WILL DEFEND MYSELF FIRST..!! 🙏 I believe it will be the turn of the enemy to go to the police with him…!!I don’t like to argue because I know the effects of arguing…!!2020 I quarreled and was jailed for one year…!!It was enough lesson for me…!!I have a wife, five children and a few siblings who depend on me…..!!Quarrel leads to leaving them alone…!!But there is a day I will not look back I will struggle 🙏🙏🙏.”

Baba Levo added.

February 12, 2024

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