Amber ray recently welcomed a bouncing baby girl, earlier today on her Instagram stories she  shared a lovely video of her man helping her  change diapers.

However accompanying that beautiful picture was a caption of how her previous baby daddy acted while she was a new mum to her 1ST born son,

She wrote

‘’ with my former baby daddy this was a big taboo’’ati hizo ni kazi za wanawake my culture doesn’t allolw, na saa hizo no househelp,maji nachota kwa borehole then wash clothes (kwanza nappies), cook and still stay awake the whole night taking care of the baby…so my peeps this here is one of  my many answered prayers .

Basing my argument on her post , Kennedy Rapudo is seemingly a very supportive spouse, in some  cases men tend not to understand the help that a new mum needs,  especially after being discharged from hospital,

Here are a few tips that 1st time dads can apply  

  1. Ensure she eats enough which helps with milk production, and also help make snacks and meals.
  2. The simple thing as helping her with the baby as she takes a shower and allow her to take as long as she wants
  3. Listen to her – she might want to vent about so many things kindly give her a listening ear.
  4. Be patient with her
  5. Don’t get upset if the house is messier that usual-  step in and assist her in cleaning up especially if there is no nanny around.
  6. Allow her to be in charge of the remote control

New mums feel isolated at times, especially when the baby is crying and her attempts to console the little one are not successful, try to offer emotional support and physical help, It makes it easier when new mums feel that they are taken care of too

As a man also learn to bathe baby and change diapers and take some time to help feed the little one.

By Elishifa Wangechi

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