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  • Flaqo’s bitter Ex-girlfriend wishes still wishes she never walked out on his life.
  • Long distance was their source of break-up.
  • She still harbors love for Flaqo and can reunite with him.

Flaqo’s former girlfriend, Tracy still wishes that she never left the comedian and content creator following his runaway success.

According to Tracy, she feels the clock would change and be the current woman in Flaqo’s life judging by his changed lifestyle.

“Naskia vibaya kidogo juu ingekuwa ni mimi apo sasa ningekuwa na hiyo life sahii na ye bado” she explained partly.

And if it so happens that Flaqo would part ways with his current girlfriend, Keranta, Tracy opened up on moving in with Flaqo.

Tracy further revealed that Flaqo was his ideal man with qualities matching his personality.

He was good, kind and non-violent all a woman would ask for in a relationship.

Tracy maintained that walking out on Flaqo’s life would take her eternity to heal since she still loves Flaqo.

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Source Of Break-Up

Tracy further disclosed their source of break-up as challenges of ‘long distance’ relationship.

She maintained that she instigated the break-up after realizing that they were not compatible.

Flaqo also took the break-up positively and he was never offended in any way.

“Ilikuwa ni juu ya distance so nikaona hatuezi date long distance tukaamua tu iishe, mimi ndio nilimuacha, ililikuwa ni mutual like hakukataa kuachika, hakukuwa na any grudges after that” she narrated partly.

Tracy sought to explain these, after netizens said that she left Flaqo when he was broke and was now trying to make up following his new found success.

She further laid it bare that she met Flaqo when he was already a singer.

A fortnight ago, Tracy made headlines when she posted their photos with Flaqo wishing that they never broke up.

On her side, she clarified that it was just a moment of remembering her past life.

She also has no hard feelings for Flaqo’s current girlfriend, Keranta as much as she’s willing to date the comedian once again.

With one child though not Flaqo’s, Tracy still hopes to find true love.

Armed with an experience in decor and events, Tracy now hopes to change her new found success to business opportunities.

On the other hand, Flaqo continues to shower Keranta with goodies.

Flaqo gifted Keranta with a brand new car, Nissan Note on her 22nd birthday.


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