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  • Founder Tz is set to join a boarding school in Dar es Sallam.
  • An Ep album comprising four songs is in the offing.
  • Founder Tz’s star shone brighter while at the Nyarugusu Kigoma refugee camp.

Wasafi teen star, Founder Tz is set to join an International boarding school in Dar es Sallam.

The revelation was made by Diamond’s manager, Babu Tale upon meeting the youngster at Wasafi studio’s.

According to Babu Tale, education would open bigger doors for Founder Tz as he continues to pursue his musical dream.

” Mimi nampa offer nitampeleka St’ Mary’s ya hapa kwa hiyo atasoma St’ Mary’s ya hapa boarding kwa hiyo lazima nimjue mzazi wake…Tutaongea na mamake tutaangalia utaratibu wa kuweza kumhamisha kutoka anapokaa mpaka hapa na watu wa elimu…tutaangalia kama ni Mbezi, Tabata au Mbagala ili nikusaidie kwanza shule, ukiendashule ukikaza zaidi nitaendelea kukusaidia” stated Tale partly.

The young man’s face lit up following Tale’s gesture in foreseeing his education.

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Tale further weighed on the controversies sorounding signed artistes who later accuse lables of exploitation.

He maintained that that was the biggest deterrent in supporting new talents even Diamond himself was a victim.

“Nishawahi kusaidia wasanii wakajiunda kundi pamoja wakaniimba wote nyimbo kunitukana alafu baada ya muda wakanitafuta kuniomba msamaha ni nikawa samehe kuanzia hapo sijawahi kuamini msanii yeyote mpya” Tale quoted Diamond.

Nonetheless, Tale maintained that his support towards Founder Tz was like of a father to his own son.

New Ep In The Offing

Previously, Tale had promised to fund an audio and a video for Founder Tz at Wasafi.

However, when they met, the youthful parliamentarian disclosed his willingness to cater for a 4 song Ep album.

|”Nimesema nimsaidie afanye Ep kabisaa ya nyimbo zake nne” revealed Tale.

Tale appealed for patience as he seeks to turn around the life of Founder Tz.

He added that his gesture was not politically oriented since Founder Tz is not from his constituency.

Tale further added that he had already heard Founder Tz’s new joint at Wasafi and was optimistic.

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Still, Wasafi have not signed Founder Tz but the road to it has just began.

Recently, Founder Tz took the headlines with his singing prowess.

He’s not only a master of doing cover songs but also his own compositions.

His song, Nitatokaje released barely nine days ago has already amassed 908k views on You Tube and still counting.

His story reminds us of Kenya’s Kanambo Dede who was signed by King Kaka and later enrolled in school.

“Let us pick up our books and our pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” Malala Yousafzai.

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