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  • Khaligraph maintains that his distrack ‘Bongo Favour’ was for unity purposes.
  • He has affirmed his love for bongo hip hop.
  • Several artistes from either sides have since dropped their distracks.

Award winning Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones has finally passed a message of unity to Tanzanian rappers as the beef heightened.

According to the Mazishi rapper, his recently released distrack was meant to spice up the hip hop industry.

Through an Instagram video, Khaligraph delivered his message mimicking the Tanzanian Swahili accent.

He also affirmed his love and admiration for bongo flava admitting that he’s a big fan.

“Nataka kuambia watu wangu wa Tanzania hamna chuki kila kitu nafanya na roho safi so msikanichukulie vibaya, Mimi mwenyewe shabiki sana na nawapenda nyote na ombi langu ni tuweze kushikanisha nchi zetu zote mbili tukuje pamoja sisi wote watu moja unanipata! kashanielewa kwani heshima shingapi?…na msikasirike sana hii tu ni mchezo” stated Khaligraph partly.

Khaligraph’s Distrack ‘Bongo Favour’

A fortnight ago, Khaligraph stirred a heated debate over the laxity among bongo flava rappers.

He went ahead and dared them for a musical showdown and truly there has been fireworks.

Khaligraph himself dropped ‘Bongo Favour’ to stamp his authority.

In it, he paid homage to the fallen lyricist, Ngwair as he continued his onslaught.

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Some of the artists Khaligraph taunted are Roma Mkatoliki, Young Killer, Wakazi, Rosa Ree, Billnass, Nikki Mbishi and G Nako among others.

“Nimefanya Tz mbogi ipanick wakiona OG amejam zogo big rappers mbona mna plans ndogo, na sitafti kiki buda Omollo brand global somebody had to tell this guys that wana burn photo kusema ukweli bongo rap imenilea but mnalegea na ndio kwa maana nawa dare nasijakosea but some of your people need a prayer bongo rap ain’t been the same ever since mmpoteze Ngwair and heavyweights hamtoi ngoma ka kitambo…Roma anini humble na sitabishana coz padre alinifungulia mlango then he disappeared siku hizi hatujui zake mpango, Young Killer ameingiza missing ever since afunge ndoa kuna time niliamini Bongo hiphop angeiokoa” he raps partly.

Released a day ago, Bongo favour has already garnered 266k views and still counting.

Several Distracks

Following Khaligraph’s distrack, several artistes from either sides have dropped distracks to announce their fierceness.

The battle ground was drawn to both the established and emerging acts to flex their muscles.

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From Kenya we’ve had Shekinah Karen, Bueno, Shanty Bobo and Breeder LW among others while from Bongo we’ve had Motra, Rosa Ree, Orbit Makaveli and Freshlikeuhhhh leading from the front.

Was it getting out of hand like we saw Arusha based rapper, Fido Vato inviting Khaligraph to a boxing match.

From your observation, who killed the challenge?

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