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  • Huddah Monroe makes an unsusual revelation about her love life.
  • The famous beauty engaged fans in questions about her love life.
  • Apparently she has never been single.

Huddah Monroe’s new cosmetics especially the lippies are quickly running off the shelves. Her Rich Beauty Brand is gaining popularity after she opened a shop where loyal fans flock to purchase items.

The beauty mogul is currently camped in Kenya from Dubai where she had been staying. This is to push the products from her brand Rich Beauty. She said that she was, “focusing on my things in Kenya -using the flag emoji.”

One thing that she has been recently doing a lot is wearing Abayas (a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress, worn by Muslim women). Her dress code to a fan suggested she may be in a relationship with a man of the Muslim faith.

Socialite Huddah Monroe

In a Q&A session with fans on June 8, Huddah denied this. A fan asked, “Are you dating a Muslim by any chance coz …hizo abaya unavaa says a lot.” The socialite denied this by responding, “I’m Muslim hun, always been. I practice all,” she said.

Another fan also wanted to know why she no longer twerks or shares bikini pics. Huddah responded “DONE” with capital letters to clearly signify that is well in the past for her.

Another person asked about her marital status or lack of a man in her life. “Hauna anxiety ya maisha as in uko peke yako Tu umri umeeenda hauna hata company hauskii anxiety?” she was asked.

Huddah said she has never been single, “I CANT RELATE IVE NEVER BEEN SINGLE,” she proudly responded.

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