Through a statement shared online, the Directorate of immigration services has assured Kenyans of urgent passport processing.

The statement read

‘’ The directorate of immigration services wish to express its commitment to serve Kenyans. In fulfilment of this mandate, we remain open to facilitate urgent passports processing , Therefore, for urgent passport processing kindly contact @immigrationDept and provide documentary proof of urgency”

This comes after  reports that the Passport printer had broken down a few weeks ago.

The statement has drawn mixed reactions from Kenyans on Twitter, who seem to have been on a rough road trying to get and renew their passports.

Some of the sentiments are as captured below

Paul on twitter

‘’Surely immigration this is unfair to Kenyans. Knowing this country, this is how a conducive environment for corruption is created. My brother applied for Passport in January that of 64 pages to date hajapata. He was then advised to reapply for the 32 paged one, he did 3 wks ago’’


·I sent information but whatsapps are not being responded to


Be Serious kindly process all the pending instead of new countless promises. I applied mine on 5th April 2023 until now.

By Elishifa Wangechi

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