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  • Harmonize has jetted back to Tanzania from the US where he recently won three awards to a reception never witnessed.
  • The Single Again singer also brought with himself an award won by fellow singer, Rayvanny.
  • He has affirmed dropping two albums before the year ends.

There was joy and dance never witnessed in Tanzania as Harmonize landed from the US where he recently won three awards.

The Konde Gang president was welcomed by members of his stable and representatives from creatives watchdog, BASATA.

Her excellency, Mama Samia Suluhu had also sent a warm message of welcome to Harmonize through BASATA but also praised Harmonize for the gallant display.

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Hundreds of fans were also in attendance with a battery of scribes capturing the moment.

The Amelowa singer had four glittering awards with one won by fellow singer,  Rayvanny who missed the award gala.

“Sisi kama baraza la sanaa la taifa tumeongoza watanzania kuja kumpokea msanii wetu msanii nguli ameleta heshima kubwa kwa taifa la Tanzania, Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan rais wa jamhuri muungano wa Tanzania ameleta salamu nyingi, na pongezi nyingi kwa Harmonize” asserted a representative from BASATA.

While giving his address, Harmonize noted that initially he had a wrong perception regarding awards.

However, he changed his perspective after realizing that he was not doing music for himself but for his fans and his nation.

“Kama nilivyosema mwanzo kwamba mi najiwekea sitokuwa msanii wa award lakini nkaja nikagundua kumbe nalikosea taifa langu mimi pia nakosea mashabiki kwa sababu award inawezekana isiwe priority kwangu lakini ikiwa priority kwa taifa pia ikawa priority kwa mashabiki” he stated.

The 3 awards recently won by Harmonize PHOTO Courtesy


Diamond Knows I’m not Childs play

While reacting to his former boss, Diamond’s message of gratitude, Harmonize took it positively while maintaining that the latter knows what he’s capable of.

Over the weekend, Diamond had referred to both Harmonize and Rayvanny as his children while congratulating them for the win.

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He was unveiling his new artist D Voice who he also predicted will have a good run in the music industry.

To critics like Babalevo who said that the awards were of little value, Harmonize let them have their own view, sentiments which were also echoed by his signee, Ibraah.

While summing up, Harmonize affirmed that he has two albums set for the market before the year ends.

Right from the airport was a jubilant procession with everything coming to a standstill.

On reaching Kariokoo, Harmonize was atop a bus bare chested and performed his smash hit ‘Single Again’ and ‘Sijalewa’ among others.


November 20, 2023

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