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  • A list of most of the things Kate does to earn a living.
  • Kate gives birth at an early age.
  • Kate finally gets a breakthrough of her life by acting Mother-in-Law.


Kate Actress is a jack of all trades:

An award-winning actress

A brand ambassador for; harpic, nice and lovely petroleum jelly, garnier and other small brands.

An entrepreneur, with her own spa and lip care Products Company.

Musician: she has a song with Mr. Seed.

Youtuber; she has a You tube channel where she vlogs about fashion and lifestyle but mostly about teenage pregnancies.

An international model

Kate is also a wife and a mother of two.

Early Life

Kate Actress’s story began in Meru where she was raised by her grandmother. Life for her was not a cup of tea.

She went through so many challenges. Some of which are poverty and rejection from her peers.

Kate and Jackie Matubia receiving awards PHOTO Courtesy


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After completion of her high school education, Kate joined several institutions but it seemed like education was not her thing.

She went to Uganda for further studies but got pregnant within the first semester. She had to drop out and take care of her baby.

The pressure of raising a child being a teenager made her take life so seriously that she could do anything for her baby.

Kate Actress and Son PHOTO Courtesy


She tried to make both ends meet by chasing her dream acting but got rejected by various casting agents.

She was forced to take on odd jobs to make ends meet, selling clothes and working as a waitress.

Kate’s path to glory

Kate, however, never gave up on her dreams. She enrolled in acting classes and continued to audition for roles.

Kate the Actress PHOTO Courtesy


Her breakthrough finally came when she got a role in the famous program “mother in law”

From there, Kate’s career took off as she got to feature in several popular TV shows. She also ventured into film production and co-producing an award winning film.

Sarah Hassan Super Balance in Acting, Marriage and Education

Today, Kate is not only a successful actress and producer but also an entrepreneur, running her own fashion brand and beauty spa.

Kate Actress PHOTO Courtesy


She is also a mother and a wife, and her story is an inspiration to many young people in Kenya who are struggling to pursue their dreams.

By Harriet Wambui

September 1, 2023

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