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  • Nairofey becomes famous in 2019 after her video goes viral.
  • Nairofey never disappoints with her looks.
  • Nairofey gets back with Yerofian after a bitter break up.

Nairofey’s real name is Ester Muthoni Nyambura.

Nairofey is a Kenyan YouTuber, content creator and lifestyle vlogger.

She had been a youtuber for long but rose to fame in 2019 when her video went viral.


Style is a way to say who you are without speaking. Nairofey for sure knows how to turn heads with her sartorial choices.

On her Instagram, Nairofey serves us with amazing looks on her posts and stories.

Nairofey Photo Courtesy

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As a content creator, Nairofey has to travel a lot and try a lot of new activities to get content for her channel.

She makes sure she looks stunning from her hair, make up, clothes and shoes.

Her fans and followers refer to her as the ultimate Instagram slay queen.

Nairofey is highly celebrated and is a great inspiration for fashion not only in Kenya but also abroad.

Most of the brands she advertises on her channel are from abroad. This makes Kenyan influence rs want to know how she manages to get such opportunities.

Nairofey PHOTO. Courtesy

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Nairofey gets her hair done by amazing artists like The Bush Tailor, gets her dresses from Renae fashion, her nails are done by Islashes nails make up studio and sneakers from kicks Kenya.

She also takes care of her skin using skincare products from Garnier.


After a very bitter break up with Yerofian, they recently posted on their Instagram pages that they were back together.

Most people were bitter with the news since they had really sympathized with Nairofey after the breakup. This was especially after she told her part of the story.

Nairofey and Yerofian Photo Courtesy


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Her former best friend, Shorn Arwa, helped her, together with a few others, to get back on her feet.

She had lost even her Instagram and was forced to create a backup account.

By Harriet Wambui

September 1, 2023

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