• Pope Francis allowed Catholic priests to bless gay marriages.
  • Kenyan Catholic priests responded with a big no
  • Conflicting translations of what the Pope meant.

The Kenyan Catholic priests have differed sharply with Pope Francis’s Catholic permission to bless same-sex marriages.

Without amending the traditional Church doctrine, Pope Francis on 18th December 2023 permitted catholic priests to bless gay marriages. A move that has been captured by a section of the society as a real development towards inclusion regardless of one’s moral status.

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Open defiance to Pope Francis in Kenya
Archbishop Philip Anyolo in previous Church engagement. Photo Courtesy


“The Church does not have the power to impart blessings on unions of persons of the same sex. The word of God strongly condemns such unions” Archbishop Philip Anyolo while prohibiting the blessings in Churches within his metropolitan territory.

“Dear bishops, when same sex couples come to you, tell them to get lost so far away from Kakamega County” Kakamega dioses Bishop Joseph Obanyi outright warning to priests under him that blessing same sex marriages will not be allowed.

The Pope has always been seen to prefer a less rigid church. It is usually captured as ‘the pastoral vision of Pope Francis’. He argues that God welcomes all…

The new development makes the Catholic more welcoming to the L.G.B.T.Q.

The Conflict in the Understanding
Pope Francis greets the faithful at his weekly audience on Sept. 16 in Vatican City. Photo Courtesy of Grzegorz Galazka Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images


The permission to bless gay marriages by him does not amount to validation of same- sex marriages. It should also not be confused by the sacrament of marriage.

However, to some especially in Africa where culture is a strong influence, permission to bless means approval by the Church and can be perceived as such.

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Although some Anglican churches had softened their stand on gay marriages, and actually conducted some, the permission was list expected from the Roman Catholic Church.

The interpretation socially is getting complicated by the day especially in Africa.

In Kenya, a Cabinet Secretary and politician Moses Kuria, who is also a staunch Catholic did not mince his words. In backing the Archbishop Anyolo, he declared that we will never accept same sex couples in the Kenyan Church.

December 26, 2023

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