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  • Krg The Don has termed Kenyans on social media  ‘beggars’ in his latest rant.
  • He believes American You Tuber, Mr. Beast’s benevolence was in bad faith.
  • His sentiments have since drew mixed reactions.

Controversial dancehall star Krg The Don has termed Kenyans on social media ‘beggars’ in his latest rant.

According to Krg, Kenyans on social media have turned to begging, a complaining lot that cannot think out of the box during hard times.

“Wananchi wa Kenya since when did we become beggars since when, nataka nijue ile siku wakenya wote wenye wako online you became online beggars,   I want to understand why did you go to school, why were you taught to solve your problems… Everybody in Kenya is crying crying mumekuwa complainants” he scoffed partly.

Krg continued that despite the escalation of food prices he cannot join Kenyans in complaining but rather work out ways of his survival.

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He went ahead and pointed out at reducing his costs by minimizing travelling and other luxuries.

Krg further noted Kenyans poor saving culture affirming that we’re not frugal.

Mr. Beast Came To Shoot Content

Krg further disclosed that American You Tuber Mr. Beast’s benevolence was in bad faith.

Krg believes that Mr. Beast saw Kenyans velnurability and saw an opportunity to make some cash by producing content.

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Krg maintained that the video Mr. Beast shot in Kenya through his dubious means finally paid off.

He gave an example of Kibra slums noting that several NGO’s run their own businesses in the name of helping the poor.

Fans Reactions

Krg’s rant has since attracted mixed reactions, this is also in regard to the President’s ‘state of the nation’ address.

We sampled a few below.

“Huyu apewe tu Award ya Most boring person in Kenya”

“This dude always make sense when he is quite”

“Aaah hi speech isipokusaidia enda Uganda”

“Naskia anajiita busaa ama bughaa… Wewe pia ni content unacreate hapa na hujajenga visima”

From your observation, are you siding with Krg?

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