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  • Redsan teams up with Dufla Diligon on a song for the first time.
  • Dancehall fans have described the song a ‘masterpiece.’

Redsan, a Kenyan dancehall superstar has teamed up with the dancehall sensation Dufla Diligon on a song dubbed Legeza. Both are respected consistent dancehall acts in Kenya.

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Legeza the song.

Legeza is a swahili word which could mean let lose or let go. The song Legeza is a feel-good song with a theme set on love.

The artists paint a picture of a fine girl who has won their hearts through her beauty and elegance.

Dufla Diligon studio pose – PHOTO Courtesy

Dufla Diligon on the first verse and his lyrics confirm a man swept off his feet by love.

“360 turn gyal your body flexible shoot like a gun you already know your caliber qualified madam and i see you’re capable easy like alphabetical “sings Dufla partly.

The chorus is catchy, simple, memorable and repetitive as the pair cleverly play with the words.

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Redsan studio pose – PHOTO Courtesy

Redsan comes through in the second verse, stamps his authority as the truly a master of his act and pioneer.

Flowing flawlessly in Jamaican accent, the celebrated singer maintains that he’s every woman’s dream huh!

“Bad man mi make deh gyal dem shake dem bambam mmmh man a flood deh whole place like a dam dam mmmh let me see deh act gyal dem go down down mmh everybody ina di place set wrong turn mi di set deh plan mi ah set deh trend mi ah set deh sound mi ah set deh dance mi ah set deh goal mi ah set deh facts man a set love every gyal ah mind” sings Redsan partly

Redsan further brings out his A-game as he switches his delivery to Swahili while rhyming heavily with a touch of wordplay at it’s best.

“Vile unakata unafanya mi nakatika party inakwisha wakati we unakatika tingisha dirisha tingisha hizo matisha umebeba mpaka za jirani joo unachachisha joto mingi baby joo baby umenicatchisha” He continues partly..

With only the audio out, dancehall fans have termed the song a ‘masterpiece.’

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