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  • Matatu Operators in Nairobi hike fares by 20 shillings
  • Passengers to bear the effect of pain in fuel pumps

Matatu operators plying various routes in Nairobi have hiked fares following the increased in fuel prices that took effect of 14th May, 2023 midnight.

In a spot check by Ghetto Radio News many saccos plying Jogoo road and Thika road have hiked their fares by at least by 10 – 20 shillings.

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According to the operators they will not bear the pinch  alone and that they must share  the same with passengers by adjusting their fares upwards.

Mimi  ni Amo konda wa Bangu under NEMA sacco tao sisi tumeonge fare zetu na ten bob kwa sababu unapata per lita saa hii tunalipa 3 shillings juu so unapata tunaenda hasara mob  juu hata before that waliongeza bei ya mafuta ikawa sisi hatukufanya hivyo so tumekuwa tukiumia kwa sababau fuel ndio kila kitu kwa bizz ya mat kama hakuna fuel magari zote zitalala  na pia tuka na expences zingine so kitu tumezungumza na gava mara mob ni kama hawaskii wao ni kuongeza bila kujali ni sisi tunaumia na hatuko ready kufinywa tena.

Amos Nyagah Matatu Operator  Kariobangi.

Matatu Owners Reaction

According to Matatu Owners Association chairman Simon Kimutai the government has a plan to kill their business because with hiked fuel prices they will have reduced operations and the only way to curb the same is to ensure that all their members pass the fuel luggage to their customers.

The New Fuel Prices

We are in business we shall not allow our business to collapse as we watch ,the only person who will now carry that fuel luggage is our passengers. I must also admit that the business environment for matatu business in our  country is not conducive because we use a lot of money in operations and so the government must also tell us if they want to us to continue offering these services.

MOA Chairman  Simon Kimutai                                                                                                                                       

A litre of super petrol now retails  at Sh182.70, diesel Sh168.40 while kerosene  Sh161.13. The subsidy on Diesel and Kerosene has been removed. A litre of super petrol, diesel, and kerosene has gone up by Sh3.40, Sh6.40, and Sh15.19 respectively.

The prices are inclusive of the 8% Value Added Tax (VAT) in line with the provisions of the Finance Act 2018, the Tax Laws (Amendment) Act 2020, and the revised rates for excise duty adjusted for inflation as per Legal Notice No. 194 of 2020. 

EPRA  14th May,2023

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