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  • Juacali maintains that music piracy played a huge role in the growth of the music industry.
  • Music piracy made songs penetrate penetrate far and wide growing the artist’s popularity.
  • Artists benefitted through live performances and endorsements.

Pioneer genge rapper, Juacali has shared that music piracy was a good thing which propelled the industry’s growth.

According to Juacali, his elder brother opined that a good song had to be pirated.

However, at that time Juacali was yet to understand his logic.

“Kuna time bro wangu mbigi aliniambia ‘kama song yako haipairetiwi( piracy) we jua hio ngoma yako si kali’ At first sikushika anasema nini but later nika understand” stated Juacali.

Later on, Juacali weighed on what warrants a song to be pirated and it’s general impact.

In the end, he established that piracy made songs penetrate far and wide.

“Wasee wa kupirate walikua wanafikisha song zetu places sisi wenyewe hatungeweza, huko ndani mashinani” continued Juacali.

Secondly, Juacali noted that despite pirates earning where they did not sow, in the end artists reaped big.

This was in terms of popularity which resulted in demand for live performances and endorsements.

“Piracy ilimake songs zetu more popular yes wasee wakupirate walikua wanamake chapaa through that but in the long run sisi ma artist ndio tulibennefit more coz doo zetu zilirudi tenfold through performances and endorsements” explained Juacali.

Generally, Juacali affirmed that artists should strive in creating good music for the benefit of all.

This in turn places the artist as the highest earner from his creation.

He further noted that piracy was more beneficial to new artists who were yearning for their big breaks.

War On Piracy

In the mid 2000s, Poxi Presha waged a war on pirates who were making a killing from artist’s sweat.

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The bad boy rapper later died on October 14, 2005 from Tuberculosis.

It was said that he contracted the ailment from the dingy Kenyan police cells which he frequented from several arrests.

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September 4, 2023

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