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  • Rayvanny honored Harmonize in his Mtwara backyard during Wasafi festival.
  • He sang a few lines off their song ‘Paranawe’ done 4 years ago.
  • The two have been at loggerheads since departing from Wasafi.

Rayvanny honored Harmonize in his Mtwara backyard during Wasafi festival tour of the region.

Taking to the stage, Rayvanny paid homage to Harmonize despite his absence from the Wasafi led showpiece.

According to the Next Level boss, he sought to send Harmonize greetings in a special way through their song, Paranawe.

“Mtwara, Mtwara mi naamini wengi mmezaliwa hapa, naamini wengi ni watoto wa hapa na kuna mtoto anatokea hapa, kuna mwanangu anatokea hapa, ni mtoto wa hapa hayupo leo hapa lakini nataka hii ngoma iwe salamu kwake au sio? Nataka hii ngoma iwe salamu kwake, ni wangapi wanamkubali Konde Boy, kama we ni mtoto wa Mtwara unamkubali Konde Boy weka mikono mbili juu hivi” Stated Rayvanny before the mammoth crowd.

The revelers then turned wild as Rayvanny and Harmonize’s hit, Paranawe blared from the speakers.

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Rayvanny then belted a few lines off the song before he continued with the rest of his set.

Alikiba, Harmonize Photo Courtesy

Chronology Of Rayvanny, Harmonize Beef

Rayvanny and Harmonize were once bossom buddies while signed to Diamond’s Wasafi.

However, the two fell out when Harmonize ditched Wasafi for his record label, Konde gang.

At the time, Harmonize dated Frida Kajala with Rayvanny hitched to his only daughter, Paula.

Rayvanny whom had also decamped from Wasafi for his record label, Next Level is said to have leaked Harmonize nudes.

Apparently, the nudes and other sex texts had been sent to Paula by Harmonize.

It almost got out of hand with the police being involved.

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Later this year, the two were involved in an online spat when Harmonize advised Rayvanny on praising alcohol in his songs.

However, the dust seems to have settled with the artist’s showing each other love.

Diamond himself wanted to bring both Harmonize and Alikiba at Wasafi Festival’s Mtwara edition though the two declined.

Now it seems Rayvanny is still working hard in offering Harmonize an olive branch.

September 3, 2023

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