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  • There is increased misuse of donkeys at night in the city.
  • The statement was requested by Ngei MCA Redson Otieno


The Nairobi County Assembly has now raised concerns over misuse of donkeys at night with owners depriving the domestic animals their time to rest.

The assembly says donkeys are being used illegally to transport garbage from estates to dumpsite.

Ngei MCA Redson Otieno  has demanded  answers from Nairobi County Government on the use of donkeys at night to transport garbage.

According to Reki the donkey owners are misusing the animals by overworking them until odd hours and with cruelty.

Another issue raised includes the use of animals in garbage transportation to  dumpsite contrary to the law.

“I have laid down that statement in the Assembly so that the select committee on environment and agriculture to investigate and report back to the house.It is painful to see donkeys  being misused and with the cruelty the same domestic animals are facing.It is absurd and the two committees must bring us  why this is happening in the capital.” He said in an  interview.

Animal Rights Act in Kenya

The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Chapter 360, passed in 1963 is the main law protecting the welfare of animals. The act creates offences against various acts of cruelty such as animal fighting, public exhibitions, hawking and sport hunting.

Acts and omissions which amount to cruelty and penalties therefor

(1) A person shall be guilty of an offence of cruelty if he—

(a) cruelly beats, kicks, ill-treats, over-rides, over-drives, over-loads, tortures, infuriates or terrifies any animal; or
(b) uses an animal which is so diseased, injured or in such physical condition that it is unfit to be so used; or


(c) conveys, carries, confines or impounds an animal in a manner or position as to cause that animal unnecessary suffering; or
(d) without sufficient cause, starves, underfeeds or denies water to an animal; or


(e) being the owner of an animal, without reasonable cause or excuse, abandons it, whether permanently or not, in circumstances likely to cause the animal unnecessary suffering; or
(f) being the owner of an animal, keeps it in a grossly dirty or verminous condition or, without reasonable cause or excuse, fails to procure or administer veterinary treatment or attention for the animal in case of disease, injury or delivery of young; or


(g) wilfully, without reasonable cause or excuse, administers any poisonous or injurious drug or substance to an animal or causes any such substance to be taken by an animal;


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