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  • Nelly got a surprise gift of his childhood dream car from his long-time girlfriend, Ashanti on his 49th birthday.
  • The moment saw Nelly get emotional with teary eyes.
  • The two have rekindled their love and enjoying every bit of it.

Nelly got a surprise gift, his childhood dream car ’64 Impala’ classic from his long-time girlfriend, Ashanti on his 49th birthday.

The sparkling convertible whip got nelly emotional with teary eyes.

Nelly and his celebrity girlfriend had laid a Halloween themed birthday party.

The celebrity couple had outfits bearing great similarity.

Talk of the fake gun, the bullets, the couple looked amazing.

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Icing On The Cake

Nelly’s Halloween themed birthday party peaked high when Ashanti revealed the car gift.

The car is dear to Nelly’s heart since it’s his childhood dream car, a 64 Impala also known as the ‘Air Force Ones’.

Ashanti saw it wise to make her man’s dream come true while also cultivating their relationship.

Ever since the couple started going out again they seem to be enjoying every bit of it.

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The car’s presentation was a complete spectacle on its own, the audience was awed with the its out of this world touch.

Nelly himself was completely blown off.

The car had shinny wheels, padded leather seats with an open-roof for goofing I guess huh!

The skies then break into fireworks as a teary Nelly is still in disbelief.

Ashanti looked perfect vibrating with energy as she sang Nelly’s song, Ride With Me.

The marveling at the whip continues as Ashanti and Nelly kiss passionately.

By then, the fireworks had ended.

Ashanti and Nelly have been in an on and off relationship for more than a decade.

They have also blessed the musical world with superb collaborations.

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However, their fans were disheartened in 2013 when the couple went separate ways.

Nelly even got engaged to another woman before breaking up sometimes last year.

On the other hand, there are no news of Ashanti going out with another man.

Their reunion in 2023 is continuing to prove that the couple was really meant to be together.


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