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  • A gold,ruby and diamond crown ring designed and worn by Tupac was auctioned by Sotheby in New York at $1 million on Tuesday
  • The precious ring had features of Tupac’s fiance Kidada Jones
  • Tupac’s godmother,Yaasmyn Fula offered the ring for auction

A gold ring, encrusted with rubies and diamonds designed and worn by legendary Us rapper,Tupac Shakur was sold for $1.02 million at an auction by Sotheby in New York City on Tuesday.

The ring’s sale became one of the most valuable hip-hop artifacts ever sold at an auction.

Also sold were autographed letters from Tupac and a demo tape for his single, Trapped.

Before the auction, the ring was estimated to sell between $ 200,000 to $ 300,000.

The 14 carat gold ring encrusted with diamonds and rubies had an inscription to Tupac’s fiance,Kidada Jones in relation to their engagement,It read “Pac & Dada 1996”.

According to a press statement, Tupac’s godmother,Yaasmyn Fula offered the ring for auction.

Yaasmyn revealed to Sotheby that Tupac designed the ring and it was modeled by jewelers in New York at a time the late rapper inked his deal with Death Row Records.

Yaasmyn further added that Tupac came up with the design as a way of paying homage to Niccolo Machiavelli whom he was fond of and even went ahead taking up the nickname ‘Makaveli’ in celebration of his tumultuous life.

The changes rapper had appeared with the ring on his finger during the September 4,1996 MTV Music Awards which happened to be his last public appearance before his tragic shooting three days later in Las Vegas.

Renewed Murder Probe

A few days ago, The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department launched a probe into the mysterious killing of Tupac.

One of the suspect’s home,Duane Keith Davis was ransacked by the sleuth’s who carted away a desktop, laptop computers and books in trying to resolve the artist’s murder.

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