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  • Nonini sues Ezekiel Mutua for defamation.
  • Ezekiel Mutua had termed the US based rapper a ‘Fugitive’ for meddling in MCSK affairs.
  • The MCSK boss is currently under siege for fictitious royalty payments to artists.

Pioneer Genge star Hurbert Nakitare popularly known as Nonini has sued MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua for defamation. Recently, Mutua termed Nonini a “Fugitive” for meddling in MCSK affairs while holed up in the US.

Taking to his social media networks, the Manzi Wa Nairobi rapper affirmed that Mutua had already been served for the defamatory statement.

“@drezekielmtuaambs Mutua you have just been served for making Defamatory remarks on my name, Now let’s go and explain how am a “Fugitive”.

No Penny From MCSK To Go Into Lawsuit

Nonini further advised MCSK members to keep an eye on Ezekiel Mutua in ensuring it’s catered from his pocket.

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According to Nonini, he’s not at war with MCSK but rather Ezekiel Mutua himself.

“If we have any sensible @musiccopyrightkenya_mcsk members make sure your money will not be used on this lawsuit. It’s not a matter of me vs @mcskkenya

It’s Hurbert Nakitare vs Ezekiel Mutua on a personal capacity. Now let’s go #ImgonnaneedthatbyMonday#RespectWillbeEarned” captioned Nonini.

A copy of the lawsuit PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

Following Nonini slapping Mutua with a defamatory lawsuit, netizens have flooded his commentary reacting to the new development.

We sampled a few of the remarks below.

“Unatoa huyu jamaa siaka ingine mbaya”

“Huyu mzae hukuwa mblaina mbaya peleka yeye kikiptum apate adabu”

“Umeamua mbaya mbaya”

“Blud you standing on bizness”

Mutua Under Siege

MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua is currently under siege for fictitious royalty payments to artists.

Earlier in January, Mutua raised a storm with the revelation that he had 20M for artists.

This meant that out of the 16,000 members each would take home Sh 1,250.

Later on, Mutua paid the first batch of artists with the noise heightening.

It is alleged that the artists needed to be paid seven times more from what was offered.

Again, MCSK has been faulted for using a big chunk of the royalties on management at the expense of starving musicians.

Previously, Nonini emerged victorious in a legal battle with influencer, Brian Mutinda and a Japanese company, Syinix for using his song for promotional purposes without his consent.

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At the moment, Nonini seems to be enjoying the support of Kenyan creatives despite being miles far way from home.



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