Controversial preacher Pastor Ng’ang’a has prophesised the salvation of comedian Eric Omondi thanks to his recent video lashing out at gospel artists for laxity amongst other social ills.

According to Pastor Ng’ang’a, the message carried out by Eric Omondi was the voice of God.

In a video that has since gone viral, the city preacher beckons Eric Omondi for a higher calling.

“Kuna kijana mmoja nimeona ameongea hapo nani Eric Omondi, Eric Omondi sijui ka ulijui nani alikuwa anaongea ndani yako but the way you acted that nilikuwa mimi sikupendi, nilikuwa sikupendi Eric Omondi lakini vile umeongea mimi ni mzee ni vile umeongea nimeskia ni roho ya Mungu imetumika kufikia waimbaji” stated Ng’ang’a


The televangelist further urges the comedian to desist from his ‘stunts’ ,repent and kick off his journey in God’s work.

“Eric Omondi kama ungetubu Eric Omondi uokoke your very strong preacher Eric Omondi ukimpata uambiwe hivyo Eric pastor Ng’ang’a amesema kuwa huduma yako kubwa ukiacha sarakasi hizo, hivyo nimeona ukiongea hapo i have never seen you hivyo nimeona ukiongea huyo ni nabii alikuwa akiongea ndani yako huyo sio Eric mi najua” He added partly

At the tail end of the video, Pastor Ng’ang’a reveals praying for former outlawed Mungiki Sect leader Ndura Waruinge and ushering him into salvation he also admits to falling in sin while making a comeback.

What’s your take should Eric Omondi become a pastor?Drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka

February 12, 2023

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