A moment of great honour was experienced at George Wachiuri School of Mentorship as hundreds of business and career men and women graduated from a free mentorship program.

The program is designed to help the mentees in management and profit making skills in the business industry.

At George Wachiuri School of Mentorship hundreds of youths running startups across the country got an opportunity to undergo a 6 months mentorship on how to run and overcome challenges in business.

The graduates dubbed cohort 4 graduated at GMC Kitengela.  According to George Wachiuri the mentorship is designed to help grow careers as well as how to grow startups to profitable businesses.

“I urge people to register and join the mentorship and If we do this as business people our businesses are going to thrive our country is going to thrive, jobs are going to be created, more taxes are going to be paid to the government. This is the purpose for this wonderful mentorship, ” Wachiuri explained

The Mentor has challenged other C.E.O’s to also create mentorship programs to help provide a good direction to employees as well as those who are running businesses. According to George Wachiuri the mentorship program is free and open for anyone in the business industry or in any career.

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“In today’s graduation we had 3 doctors graduating, we had one professor graduating, we also had a class 6 drop out who is running a huge company who has also graduated. The mentorship is open to anyone one as long as long as you want to create a difference,” Wachiuri explained.

So far George Wachiuri school of Mentorship has successfully run 4 mentorship programs with those from previous cohorts registering better success  results according to Mr. Wachiuri

Youths in career and who want guidance on how to go about running a startup will learn the basics of actualizing their business ideas as well as get a platform to network with other successful business people within the mentorship community.

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