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  • A massive pool collapses in an open field
  • The pool was claimed to be used as a show for the famous Tanzanian artist Rayvany
  • Luckily, no lives have been lost so far

Rayvanny loses all 70 Million Tanzanian shillings

Rayvanny has just posted on his Instagram that he has lost over seventy two million Tanzanian shillings.

This happened after the pool he had constructed for his coming concert collapsed in an open field. He had used more than the amount to put it up.

A whole side of the pool collapsed. Most people are blaming the constructors and the engineers. They say that the foundation wasn’t well laid .it was not even built in the first place.

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This is now a developing story in Tanzania .The good news is that no lives have been lost so far.  The legend had invested in it generously as he wanted to use it as a show ground.

Deep investigations were done by a Kenyan federal team and a conclusion was made. They said that the concrete was not well cast.

The investigations showed that the concrete was left permeable to water.  This made the concrete become weak. This made the pressure at the bottom of the pool to become intense.

They went ahead and questioned why the pool was raised. This was a result of poor foundation which could be the main reason for collapsing of the Mbeya pool.

Engineers from Tanzania need to wake up. The investor has also been blamed for improper planning. Imperative lessons have been learnt from this tragedy.

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An example is to guide future construction practices and prioritize the safety of the structures, including pool foundation.

To prevent such devastating incidents from occurring again we should kindly adhere.

Rayvany says that there are times when things go right and there are times when things don’t go as expected. He insisted that nothing was wrong but he lost 70 million Tanzanian shillings which is 4million Kenyan shillings.

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