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  • Many do not have entry fees as they grapple with new fees model.
  • September intake kicks off officially as from 2nd September 2023.

As new  students prepare to join tertiary institution for higher learning many are finding it difficult to come to terms with the reality on government’s new model of funding the University education.

Cynthia Oluoch who scored B minus with 34 cluster points and secured a chance to study Bachelor in Education Science at Garisa University is devastated and do not know whether she will join or not.In an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio News Cynthia says she has nowhere to get  fees required before government scholarship top up.

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According the fee structure she is supposed to pay about 158,000 per one academic year.

She is also supposed to remit 27000 shillings and another 6600 shillings for accommodation before admission.

“It has been difficult to start …i stay with my brother all my parents are peasant farmers back in the I have been doing creating small groups for Harambee via whatsupp and also reaching few friends around brother is a mechanic so i have to raise like 50,000 before anything.” She said.

Govt Funding Model

The government will support the students on need basis. You are required to apply where you will be

Those falling into the category of the vulnerable and the extremely needy will qualify for 100% funding for their studies in terms of scholarships and loans. Those categorized as the needy and the less needy will cater for 7% of their tuition costs out of pocket, while the government will provide 93% of funding.

Universities Fund chief executive Geoffrey Monari indicated that students from the poorest households will not pay any fees during their university stay.

Instead, they will get a scholarship and a small loan payable after they graduate.

“We have noticed when someone is vulnerable even after graduation, the level of dependency is still high among family and friends so we will provide a small loan and the bigger chunk of their fees will be paid through a scholarship,” Monari said.

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