Pastor Ezekiel Odero. Photo Courtesy

In Summary

  • The committee is investigating allegations linking the televangelist to embattled preacher Paul Mackenzie
  • Ezekiel had requested the Committee to visit the church
  • Pastor Ezekiel said he was inspired and motivated by Pastor Bonke.

The Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Shakahola visited Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s mega-church in Mavueni, Kilifi County, to verify testimonies.

The committee is investigating allegations linking the flamboyant televangelist to embattled preacher Paul Mackenzie, who is being investigated over the Shakahola mass killings.

Committee On Premise Having a Morgue

Mungatana leading the Senate Committee (Pic Courtesy)
Mungatana leading the Senate Committee (Photo Courtesy)


“We were told there was mortuary and graves here. We have not seen any morgue or graves as we continue with our fact finding,” said Mungatana.

Pastor Ezekiel clarified that the house  alleged to be a morgue, is a safe house that host a power distribution and control room.

Odero said there was no morgue or graves and was ready to take the Committee to all corners of the premises to ensure the same.

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Committee Clears Televangelist On Any links Of preaching starvation

Police on Sunday transport bodies exhumed in Kenya’s Shakahola forest. (AP)


The visiting committee also cleared Pastor Odero of any links of preaching starvation to his congregation.

“We have six restaurants in the premises so that anyone who feels hungry can eat because the services are full day on all days except Monday,” said pastor Ezekiel .

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Pastor Ezekiel’s Recommendations

In his recommendation to tame rogue religious teachers, Pastor Odero says  pastors should be given certificates of qualification.

In addition the flamboyant Televangelist says pastors should be under a mentorship program for two or three years.

Odero also stated that he has 15 million members online who have never stepped in the church but always follow his preaching religiously.

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Pastor Mackenzie’s Fate

Suspected Kilifi Cult leader Paul Mackenzie (Photo Courtesy)


The senate is expecting Paul Mackenzie and his lawyer to appear before them on Wednesday failure to which  disciplinary action will be taken against him




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