World’s superstar Rihanna brought close to 113 million viewers enjoying her high flying halftime show at the Sunday super bowl although the rude boy hitmaker wasn’t paid for her showpiece.

“We do not pay the artist’s,we cover expenses and production costs” stated NFL spokesperson Joanna Hunter in 2016.

According to NFL’S vice president of communications, Brian Mcarthy, headliners do get union scale which is paid to the union then distributed to the artist’s.

“There is not an appearance fee but the artist’s are indeed paid union scale” he stated then

With no appearance fee,a headliner is guaranteed for success as the super bowl is one of the most viewed event’s worldwide.It’s a win -win situation for both the NFL and the headliner as the record sales tend to soar following such a high billed show.

Lada Gaga is believed to have increased her music sales 1000% after her 2017 performance, according to Forbes.

NFL is reported to cough as much as $1million in production costs although some artist’s use their own finances to customize their shows.

Rihanna sang hits like “we found love”, “Only Girl In The World” and “Rude Boy” in a red jumpsuit that revealed her baby bump.She was backed up by dozens of dancers who thrilled in high-class choreography.

Some of the artist’s who went their own way to spend their own money on super bowl include The Weeknd and Dr .Dre who injected $ 7 million as revealed by Forbes.

A week before her super bowl show, Rihanna affirmed her involvement in most of her shows and business ventures.

“I get involved with every aspect of anything i do.. wether it’s the super bowl, wether it’s a make up product, wether it’s a savage lingerie.. I want to see the copy on the website.i want to name every lipstick that i make.if it flops or if it flies,my name has to stand by that” Stated Rihanna.

With millions of people having watched Rihanna’s show,the umbrella singer was still able to secure the bag.From her higher music streams to a rise in her Fenty beauty brands market share she’s indeed smiling all the way to the bank.

So next time you think you’re too big to work for exposure, Think again!!

By Steve Osaka.

February 17, 2023

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