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  • President Samia hoped to foster dialogue and find common ground.
  • Raila says many imminent people both local and international have tried in vain to bring the two leaders together.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has disclosed that Tanzanian President Mama Samia Suluhu visited the country two weeks ago in an attempt to resolve the ongoing impasse in the Country.

However her mediation efforts were in vain as President William Ruto reportedly refused to meet with her.

During a press conference with the International media this morning, Raila said President Samia’s visit was intended to facilitate mediation talks between the government and the opposition coalition Azimio la Umoja.

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“The President of Tanzania came here two weeks ago at the invitation of president Ruto to mediate and she was kept waiting,”

Raila revealed.

“She spent two nights here and it was all in vain…other people have tried but he is the one who is resisting so basically knows what he wants,”

“I myself have said I am ready to sit with other people to discuss these issues, he is actually pretending to discuss these issue …he is living in delusion,”

Suluhu’s Failed Mediation Attempt in Kenya

The opposition has been conducting anti-government demonstrations across the country, primarily protesting the high cost of living and accusing the government of not doing enough to address the economic challenges faced by the citizens.

During her visit, President Samia hoped to foster dialogue and find common ground between the government and the opposition to address the pressing issues facing Kenya.

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However, the situation took an unexpected turn when President Ruto allegedly declined to meet with the Tanzanian President, leaving her waiting for two nights.

Meanwhile the government has not taken the demos lightly, blaming the opposition for the chaos and destruction of property. More than six people have died while many others injured during the demos.

The government has even arrested a number of opposition leaders among them Embakasi MP Babu Owino.

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