Governor Sakaja has thrown verbal grenade at Embakassi East MP, Babu Owino, hinting at him stuffing “white stuff” up his nose.

This particular accusation came after Babu Owino publicly questioned Sakaja’s transparency in the allocation of bursaries.

The entire fiasco unfolded in a social media platform used by leaders to seamlessly communicate with their subjects.

Babu Owino, never one to shy away from confrontation, accussed the Nairobi Governor of lying about giving MCAs bursaries to the tune of 23 million shillings.

In a move that left the internet in a frenzy, Sakaja retorted with, “If you removed the white stuff you are stuffing up your nose, you’d realize there’s a difference between bursaries and Ward based Development funds.”

The insinuating accusation sent supporters of both parties wondering which allegation cut deepest. Social media went ablaze, with #WhiteStuff trending on Twitter within minutes.

Owino, ever the fighter, didn’t let Sakaja’s response slide. In a tweet, he responded, “You are nothing in the intellectual parlance hence should stop misusing numbers, we are not in TEAM building activities. You have stolen a lot from Nairobi county and addicted to alcohol and Bhang.”

The exchange between the two young political giants is a testament to the cutthroat world of politics, where every word can be a weapon, and every statement a potential headline. One thing’s for sure in this scenario: Nairobi’s politics is never short of drama and entertainment.

K.O.X Reacts.

Kenyans took to the platform to comment on the exchange as others defended their respective leaders.

Clearly, there’s more to come. Let’s wait and see how all this unfolds.


September 17, 2023

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