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  • Save me from the crocodiles, Cries Founder Tz.
  • Diamond’s manager, Babu Tale took Founder Tz to an international school and further promised to support his musical dream.
  • When Diamond signed his latest signee, D Voice speculations were high with many hoping it would be Founder Tz.

Bongo kid star Founder Tz has knelt down before the almighty and sought protection from enemies through his new song dubbed “Niepushie”.

The term “Niepushie” is a Swahili word which loosely translates to “Save Me” or simply “Protect Me”.

Founder Tz kicks off his singing with well choice of words and a soothing voice.

The song is more of a prayer as Founder reaches out to God to open his doors and bring good fortunes despite his underprivileged background.

Founder notes that God is his only refuge adding that he has no time to rest until he achieves his goals.

“Mola haya maisha ni hatari napotaka kutafuta kusiwe mbali maana napambana jua kali hata nikiumwa mola we ndio hospitali na sina muda wa kujivinjari bado najituma lengo nifike mbali”

Founder further notes that as much as he’s putting in hard work in accomplishing his goals, there are those who are not pleased with his efforts.

The soft-spoken singer further affirms that it’s only our maker who’ll deal with them.

“Navile nakesha pambana wanafiki wananuna mola niepushie kuna balaa nuksi niondolee ninapobisha hodi haraka nifunguliwe na wasiopenda mi nifanikiwe hao ni wanafiki mola waangalie” he sings partly.

The chorus bears “Niepushie” done in repetition creating the musicality.

In his second verse, he affirms that before one sees success there are hurdles to overcome, It’s always a tumultuous road that one questions God’s existence.

However, with an unwavering belief in God, success comes.

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Under Babu Tale’s Wings

When Founder Tz went viral from the Nyarugusu refugee camp with his mastery of doing cover songs.

He further proved his musical prowess by releasing his composition, Nitatokaje which blew beyond borders.

Diamond’s manager, Babu Tale proceeded and took the talented chap under his wings.

He transferred the youngster to an international school in Dar es Sallam and promised to support his musical dream.

In fact,  when Diamond signed his latest signee, D Voice, speculations were rife with many hoping it would be Founder Tz.

At the time of putting up this publication, it was seven hours from when the song was dropped and had already shown signs of doing well.

On You Tube alone it had 43k and still counting with Tik Tok hot with its challenge.




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