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  • Shanty Bobo has joined Trio Mio’s record label, Trouble Music after being signed by the latter’s mother.
  • A while back Shanty Bobo had appealed for help to further her musical dream.
  • Trio Mio’s mother has described Shanty Bobo as the female version of Trio Mio.

Finally there’s light at the end of the tunnel for teen rapper, Shanty Bobo after being signed by Trio Mio’s mother under the, Trouble Music label.

A while back Shanty Bobo had appealed for help in furthering her musical dream after undergoing difficulties.

Speaking after the new development, Shanty Bobo shared her gratitude while filled with enthusiasm.

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Formerly referred to as Shanty Flames, the Kibra bred rapper disclosed that her previous deal with her former management died as a result of her being young and naive in music business.

“Nakumbuka siku hiyo nilikuwa kwa management then ikafika time naeza sema pia nilikuwa myoung sikuwa naelewa vitu zingine” she stated partly.

However, with the new deal  now complete she was optimistic of the tides changing for the better.

She added that they have several projects with Trio Mio set to hit the market soon.

“Saa hii niki signed under ‘Trouble Music, Trio is my workmate tunawork on a lot of things” she added partly.

Meeting Trio Mio

Shanty Bobo further revealed that from the very first time she heard of Trio Mio, she’s been yearning to work with him.

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She later did several interviews and sent word to him.

Truly, it didn’t take long before Trio reached out to her.

The Cheza Kama Wewe rapper proceeded to introduce Shanty Bobo to his mother and they discussed on how to work together.

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Female Version Of Trio Mio

In a statement to the press, Trio Mio’s mother termed Shanty Bobo as the female version of Trio Mio.

She further disclosed having great plans in seeing Shanty Bobo turn to a global star.

“She’s like the female version of Trio, when I look at her it’s the confidence for me” she stated partly.

Known as Trio’s manager, she believes that Shanty Bobo is yet to be exploited fully.

She affirmed that Shanty Bobo is set to become the biggest female artist in Kenya.

To prove that it’s not all cheap talk, Shanty already has her new song ‘Mhh Mhh’ under the new music label.



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