In Summary

  • Sabato alleged that Gabu has never mentored any upcoming artist
  • Gabu hits back at Sabato for disrespectful as he points out he made Vera Sidika a superstar
  • Sabato vows  never to bow to Gabu

If you’re an ardent user of social media, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok the name Sabato Sabato is not new to you.

Well, if you have no idea, Sabato has become a popular figure who shares his opinions with reckless abandon on matters related to the public.

And now, a war of words is building up between Sabato and former P Unit member, Gabu fondly referred to as Gubugubu.

According to Sabato, Gabu despite his status and influence in the music industry, the latter has never mentored any upcoming artist to his wings the way he was mentored by Us based pioneer genge star, Nonini.

“Hata hauna adabu ukini address go back to that hole ulikuja, if it’s not true hauku saidia mtu mbona inakuuma,kama mimi nimepatiwa nguo na Nonini ama nimenunua amenisaidia wee umesaidia nani?” Scoffed Sabato.

He further stated that were it not for Nonini,Gabu’s star would have never shone adding that in their now defunct group,P Unit only Frasha was talented with Gabu and Bon Eye remaining as joyriders.

“Kama si Nonini bado ungekuwa dancer…kwanza wewe na uyo mwingine Bon Eye nyinyi mlikuwanga kama madancer wa P Unit,Frasha ndio akona talent kwa hio group if it’s not for Frasha and Nonini hatungekuwa tunakujua,” added Sabato partly.

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Address Me With Decorum

In a rejoinder,Gabu who’s also a politician reminded Sabato to address him with decorum,he maintained that Nonini had dressed up Sabato with his clothline only for Sabato to rant seeking cheap publicity.

With their runaway hit, You guy banging on the background,Gabu affirmed that he was capable of turning Sabato into a star the way they made Vera Sidika.For your information,Vera Sidika bumped into the limelight after she featured in the song,You Guy as a video vixen.

He further noted that by the time he was releasing his song, Paulina Sabato was a mere toddler.

“Sabato eeh sina time ya kusumbuana na watu hawana pesa,watu wajinga watu hawajawai fikiria,Nonini amekuvalisha nguo ndio umeona sasa upromote na hiyo ujinga…so please respect people wacha ujinga,kama unataka fame kuja tukupatie vile tulipatia Vera Sidika,” replied Gabu partly.

If you thought Sabato would own up easily you’re wrong,he hit back at Gabu in full vengeance for mentioning that the latter turned Vera Sidika into a public figure.

Also known as,Sauti ya ground,Sabato vowed never to respect Gabu pointing out that the former P Unit member has been struggling to amass views on TikTok with the video lashing out at him being the only video that has gained considerable success.

It’s getting hot in here, who’ll win this war? Drop a comment.

By Steve Osaka

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