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  • Kush Tracy has revealed that there are women bleaching their children’s to save their marriages.
  • The former secular star spent hundreds of shillings bleaching her skin.
  • She saw the light and currently is involved in spreading the gospel.

Former secular star Kush Tracy recently revealed that there are women bleaching their children’s skins so as to save their marriages.

According to her, the women were married having bleached their skins without their husbands knowledge.

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And now after conceiving, they are now forced to bleach their baby’s skin to match theirs.

Kush Tracy was reacting to her own confession of overcoming skin bleaching practices as other women sought to find out how she managed.

“She got married as a light skin but the reality is that she’s a dark skin so she’s gotten to a place and feels like hiyo mikorogo imeanza kufanya ile kitu sasa unajua kidogo inafikanga mahali skin yako inaweza fika mahali yenye it can’t take any more and she’s like I really want to stop but I don’t know wether my husband is going to stay… We have parents who are bleaching their kids at a young age, unazaa mtoto unaanza kumbleach” she explained partly.

Kush Tracy further disclosed that she lost hundreds of shillings trying to change her skin tone.

However, the moment she said ‘NO’ she has never looked back.

She resorted to using natural oils such as coconut oil in restoring her skin and is grateful for the journey.

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Life’s Purpose

Kush Tracy opened up how she found her true purpose when she gave her life to christ.

For the longest time, she fought with herself while trying to transition from an earthly being to a God-vessels creature.

She finally got the moment when the station she was working at folded abruptly.

It gave her a lot of ‘me time and soul searching’ until she saw her call in spreading the ministry.

Kush Tracy’s past life is a testament that God is capable of moving mountains.

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She’s determined at leaving a lasting legacy while inspiring the future generations.

Today, Kush Tracy dedicates her time visiting schools and institutions of higher learning preaching the gospel and also creating awareness on drugs and substance abuse among the youth.

Kush Tracy noted that the current generation is slowly falling to destruction due to drug and substance abuse.

The biggest contributor to this kind of lifestyle was the kind of content being consumed by today’s generation.

Kush Tracy believes that if she overcame her past dark life anyone too can overcome and lead a purposeful life.

November 17, 2023

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