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  • ‘Let the river flow’ program is ongoing with rapid unclogging exercises along the Nairobi Rivers. 
  • The Nairobi Rivers Commission chaired by Dr. Pamela Olet is actively engaging with the communities and stakeholders to make this successful. 
  • The areas of urgent concern due to the El-Nino rains are under the bridges especially near the manufacturing industries to ease the clogging.

Unclogging of the heavily polluted Nairobi Rivers kicked off on Friday 17th, 2023 under the ‘Let the Rivers Flow’ regeneration program.

Nairobi has three main rivers: Nairobi, Ngong and Mathare rivers.

Due to clogging, the Ngong river was flowing back into the industries, affecting the working environment and becoming a hazard.

Nairobi River Commission chairperson Dr. Pamela Olet told Ghetto Radio that the unclogging exercise will positively impact the lives of the residents of Viwandani, Mukuru, and the manufacturing industries within.

Dr. Pamela Olet engaging with local Viwandani youth and Ghetto Radio’s Majimaji on the river unclogging exercise.

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Olet said the regeneration of the river, planting of trees along the basin, and the cleanups are ongoing on a small scale as they progress to the climax of the program. Let the river flow if just the first phase of the program.

“The commission is going to build capacity of the riverine groups and bring more CBOs, foundations, and philanthropists to be involved in all these in the short term,”

“This will be followed by a publicity campaign and a community sensitization program and developing a community engagement framework.”

Stake Holder Engagement

Olet said the government is supporting the commission to effectively deliver on its mandate via stakeholder engagement, effective coordination, resource mobilization and sustainable initiatives.

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Brigadier Joseph Muracia, the CEO Nairobi Rivers Commision said there was too much waste deposit in the river, which will require community sensitization and involvement as stakeholders to succeed.

He urged communities living around the river to be cautious of the environment and avoid disposing waste into the river.

Decades ago, the Nairobi River had clean drinking water with young boys fishing along the river. It was sparkling clean, and this is what inspires Pamela Olet to leave a legacy.

“We must leave a legacy!” She openly underscores this as her goal as the chairperson of the commission.


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  • patrick


    Absolutely this is a very good idea,if I was the one to be questioned when to do it,I could say let’s start it now….1st consider thoso sewer lines,but another thing I could still support more don’t demolish the structures for those who fences coz if the river is still so openly residents through theirs wast at the river but only when they get an openly space or through way….just my opinion

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