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  • Ssaru, Trio, Mio & Shanty Bobo excite Nonini.
  • Internationally, Nonini is inspired by both Jay Z and 50 Cent for their business acumen.
  • Nonini jetted back into country from the US where he is based and has performed in various shows alongside media interviews while promoting his Mgenge2tru apparel.

Ssaru, Trio Mio and Shanty Bobo have excited Nonini not forgetting Arbatone’s newest kid on the block Gody Tennor. The above top the list of Nonini’s highly rated Kenyan stars.

In one of Nonini’s recent interview while at Citizen T.v, the Manzi Wa Nairobi rapper mentioned his favorite artists. Nonini’s list was filled with artists mostly from the new age also referred to as Gen Z.

“My top three Kenyan artists right now new generational naweza sema napenda Sylvia Ssaru, Ahh nani mwingine tena napenda Shanty Bobo, nani mwingine napenda majamaa wameimba  ‘Tik Tok napenda kuzitoka’ wanaitwa nani, hao maboyz, hao maboyz wako top and Tri Mio c’mon you cannot mention Trio, lazima u mention Trio” asserted Nonini.

According to the veteran rapper, Ssaru, Shanty Bobo, Trio Mio and Gody Tenor are all poised for greatness.

All the artists Nonini vouched for come from the new crop of artists currently on top of their games.

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Ssaru, Shanty Bobo and Trio Mio bumped into the scene at the height of the Corona pandemic and have maintained their grip on the Kenyan Music industry.

However, Gody Tennor is the latest entrant with the emergence of Arbantone. The new genre samples music from the past giving it today’s touch.

Gody Tennor got tongues wagging with the hit Tik Toker and already has a follow up song dubbed “Kuja Ivo” currently disturbing the peace.

Grided photo of Jay Z & 50 Cent PHOTO  Courtesy Gheto Radio Digital


Love For Jay Z & 50 Cent

Internationally, Nonini gives it up for Jay Z and 50 Cent for their business acumen.

Both Jay Z and 50 Cent have curved their niche as shrewd businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Nonini seems to be following in the footsteps of his US counterparts in cementing his tentacles in the music business.

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This is evident in Nonini’s other ventures outside music, Nonini has his apparel business running with shoes, hoodies, T. shirts, caps and trendy sandals making part of his Mgenge2tru apparel.

Having jetted back into the country late last year from the US where he’s based, Nonini staged several shows from where he has continued to spread his wings as far the music business is concerned.




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