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  • Content creator Riley Mwaliko popularly known as Jeshi ya Allah reveals how he got into motivational speaking.
  • The bubbly young man was once a dancer before settling in his current path of content creation.
  • He shares how the statement ‘Jeshi ya Allah’ came to be.

Young TikTok motivational speaker, Mwaliko, known for his famous pieces of advice to his audience has grown to be a loved sensation with his mode of speech delivery making him stand out.

As of now Jeshi ya Allah has garnered more than one hundred and thirteen followers on tiktok and is about to hit 2.5 million likes on the same platform.

Appearing on Ghetto Radio’s mid morning show dubbed #NiajeNiaje, the digital creator shares his journey.

How he became an online motivational speaker

Starting off a a dancer, he recalls how a lady noticed the power in his motivational words and advised him to take it seriously.

Mimi ni professional dancer lakini nikaona ju kila mtu sai anajaribu kudance acha nijaribu kitu ingine. Nikaanza kuongelesha maboys hapo mtaani. Ndio Dem mmoja akaniambia niko na kipawa ya kuongea niache dance nianze kuongea.”

With his bubbly character, he has attracted lots of advertising gigs from businesses.

He is also a motorbike rider operating around Umoja, Nairobi.

Origin of the catchphrase ‘ Jeshi ya Allah’

Asked why he never misses to say ‘ Jeshi ya Allah’ in his videos, he states that the same way nations have an army is the same way there should be a unit of those who believe in God’s guidance.

Nilikam nikaangalia kama kuna jeshi ya nchi sasa basi kunafaa kuwa na jeshi ya God manze. Jeshi ya God yenye haitaki recruitment, hii unaingia ukiwa free.”

Many people have also been wondering whom amongst his friends have been nicknamed Jinga Jinga.

To my surprise the name was given to a motorbike!

Niliona beshte yetu hapo stage amekuja na nduthi imepimpiwa videadly, nikamshow hio design ni Jinga Jinga yaani ni kali.”

Launch of a charity organization

On Saturday 24th February, Jeshi ya Allah Movement had it’s first official works of charity around Umoja 1 market.

Joined by other well wishers, Mwaliko distributed some food stuff to street families and the less fortunate around the area.

Hopefully, the charity drives will be happening each and every Saturday in different slums.

Staki Jeshi ya Allah ikue tu ni jina iliskika halafu ikaisha hivo. Jeshi ya God manze inafaa kuspread love. Usipeane uonekane. Hii shughuli itakuwa kila Saturday in different areas.”

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