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  • The contents creators welcome standardised moderation of tik tok contents
  • Says the ban will cause financial loss on their creative work.
  • Wants individual liability on non compliant content creators

Artists and content creators have come out to support regulations of tik tok rather than a complete ban.

Speaking exclusively to Ghetto Radio, Amy Wambui, an adent Tik Toker, stated the application gives a better platform for the artists and content creators to sho their artwork to a global audience at minimal costs and time.

She says the many artists who can not afford brand managers depend on the platform to push their brands

” we welcome the move to moderate Tik tok content by the government as a stakeholder. It will help the upcoming artists compete well with their established counterpart since most of the upcoming stars lacks money to hire managers.” Amy said.

Instead of a complete ban,Wambui opined that the government should instead enforce a standardised Tik tok content to ensure that explicitly of content are neutralised through local moderators.

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Mathias Matee, a freelance journalist in his statement, said the tech-firm should come up with better ways of moderating its content to ensure minors do not have access to inappropriate content.

“The government has really acted to the benefit of the Tik toker especially those are genuinely out to push for their brand visibility to their audience, instead of the ban a policy framework for age appropriate algorithm.” Says Matee .

They also recommended individual liability to those found culpable of flaunting the agreed community standards.

Their reactions comes hours Tik tok CEO Shou Zi Chew sign a memorandum of understanding with President William Ruto a move to ensure that content on the platform adheres to agreed guidelines.

The decision to engage the tech-firm’s boss was prompted by the public outcry that some of it’s content were not appropriate for minors.

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