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  • Timmy Tdat is dating singer, Kendi. 
  • The couple have dated for almost a year now.
  • Kendi has a new song ‘Mashine Banana’ featuring Fathermoh.

Bad boy rapper Timmy Tdat is in a relationship with singer, Kendi with their relationship almost one year now.

The revelation was made by Kendi during a recent online engagement.

According to Kendi, they’ve had a long history of friendship with Timmy going back to a decade ago.

However, when they started dating barely a year ago they kept the relationship under wraps.

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Kendi further disclosed that by the time they were collaborating on the song ‘Rach’ they were already an item.

“Tunajaribu hii kitu tuone mahali itaenda, yeah! we’ve been together for a while ata tukifanya ‘Rach’ hizo zote” she stated partly.

Kendi noted that she’s compatible with Timmy as far as the music business is concerned with the latter’s wise counsel coming in handy despite Kendi having started music before him.

“Actually we’re very compatible mambo ya mziki mi na understand mziki pia coz nimekuwa kwa industry longer than he has been but kwa ground ye anajua vitu kunishinda we’re very compatible tukienda kwa studio pia kwa kuandika mziki saa zingine nikikwama so we also work together just that I don’t want to capitalize on something that is private” she explained.

Kendi further affirmed that their relationship has led to the growth of their careers with each party dedicated to seeing everything work.

Previously, Timmy dated the now saved Kush Tracey with rumors swirling that he also dated Bongo rapper, Rosa Ree.

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Collabo With Fathermoh ‘Mashine Banana’

Kendi is currently riding on the success of her newest release dubbed ‘Mashine Banana’ with gengetone’s wizard Fathermoh.

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The singer noted that Fathermoh is arguably the biggest artist in the country and he loved working with him.

It was also the first time that Kendi got to write her verses during the recording session.

She’s also planning on featuring Ssaru with plans already in top gear.

November 22, 2023

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