• UN Human rights office spokesperson Jeremy Laurence criticized escalating chaos and use of force by police during Azimio la Umoja demos
  • Kenya responds to UN Human Rights office

The United Nations (UN) Human Rights office has today called on the government to investigate the deaths that occurred during the recent anti-government protests orchestrated by the opposition.

In a statement through its twitter handle, the UN body expressed concern over the widespread violence and allegations of unnecessary use of force by the police.

It has also claimed that 23 people have been killed and many more injured in the past week alone during the protests.

The UN office has emphasized the importance of upholding the right to peaceful assembly as guaranteed by the constitution.

“The UN human Rights office is very concerned by the widespread violence and allegations of unnecessary or disproportionate use of force. Including the use of firearms by police during protests in Kenya, “part of the statement read.

“We call for prompt, thorough independent and transparent into the deaths and injuries. Those responsible must be held to account,”

And as more protests are scheduled for the coming week, the organization urged the authorities to ensure the protection of this fundamental right. It called for an end to the violence and encouraged open dialogue to address the economic grievances that have fueled the demonstrations.

Singoei responds to UN Human Rights office

The opposition has accused the government of failing to address the high cost of living, leading to the protests.

However in a quick response, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign affairs Korir Singoei criticized the UN body for not condemning the loss of property caused by opposition supporters during the protests.

He took to his own Twitter handle to express his dissatisfaction with the organization’s statement.

“While regretting and decrying the unfortunate loss of life or injury, the reckless mobilization of lawless gangs to loot, destroy property, disrupt business, deprive many of means of livelihood and create an environment of disorder, must receive equal condemnation, “he said.

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