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  • Kartel has shown support towards his lawyer, Isat Buchanan amid backlash on his statement directed at Jamaica’s DPP, Paula Llewellyn.
  • Buchanan was against the government’s move to extend the retirement age of the DPP and quoted Kartel’s lewd lyrics directed at the DPP.
  • Buchanan has since relinguished his position as the head of human rights commitee of the People’s National Party.

Vybz Kartel has thrown his weight behind his besieged lawyer, Isat Buchanan who is facing backlash over his sentiments directed at Jamaica’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewellyn.

Barely a week ago, Buchanan quoted Kartel’s lewd lyric’s from one of his song’s directed at the DPP, he told the DPP to go ‘suck a c**ky’.

Kartel’s lawyer was reacting to the government’s decision to extend the retirement age of the DPP.

Both Kartel and Buchanan have been at loggerheads with the DPP in relation to Kartel’s case with Buchanan citing foul play over the decision by the DPP to employ an independent forensic expert in scrutinizing Kartel’s phones.

According to Buchanan, this has led to Kartel’s case taking a longer period before conclusion.

The DPP was agitated by Buchanan’s statement thus reporting him to the General Legal Council.

However, the General Legal Council saw no offence in Buchanan’s statement alleging that the DPP was ‘Shady’. Nonetheless, Buchanan was found to have breached the sub-judice  rule by commenting on matters before the court with the press.

Buchanan’s statement aimed at the DPP has since earned him condemnation.

He had to apologize publicly over the use of Kartel’s lyrics and has also relinguished his position as the head of the human rights committee of the People’s National Party.

Support Petition

With Buchanan facing backlash, there has been thousands of people showing him support by signing a petition for the DPP’s ouster.

Kartel also reposted the link for petition showing support for Buchanan.

“People c’mon n sign this petition! There is strength in numbers’’ wrote Kartel with a screenshot of the petition.

The petition has since had more than 7,000 signatures appended in support of Buchanan.

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