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  • Majority of the minors are school going children.
  • A good number of drug dens are owned by women.
  • 7 out of 10 vendors are women, while the Police are helplessly involved.

In Kichinjio area in Kibra, we found three children smoking bhang. The oldest was only 6 years old!

They claimed to have picked the drug along railway line, a smoking zone for teenagers.

After National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse NACADA released a report that revealed that children as young as six years are using drugs, Ghetto Radio sort to find out why young children are indulging in drugs.

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We came across a form 2 student who smokes bhang, chews Miraa and drinks illicit brew commonly known as changaa.
“I started using drugs while I was in class two. My first drug was bhang after being told by my peers that it will make me stronger and brave, something that I was looking for,” Narrated the child (name I have withheld).

Teenager addicted to Bhang

At a tender age, the boy is now an addict. He has been rescued by police several times, cancelled but admitted he cannot do anything without at least smoking one puff.

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“I have been in police custody for more than twice. They gave me a grace period to stop or they take longterm actions.

My parents instead advised me to do it with care so that the police don’t come for me again.

“For me to have a nice day I have to start a day by smoking then later alcohol.

As his agemates continue with learning, Brian is works hard doing odd jobs to cater for his addiction.

“I fetch water, help people move houses and collect scrap metals to earn something.” He admitted.

An attempt to speak to his parents about the addiction was futile.

Their Education in Jeopardy

We visited the school and were told there are several cases of students using drugs.

“It is true we have pupils abusing drugs here. Majority of them don’t attend school consistently and are very in disciplined. They steal from others and fight with teachers. Some come to school just to eat then disappear, while others use school as an avenue of meeting peddlers. The number of girls who smoke is also rising.” Said the teacher who requested for anonymity.

From the investigations, we found out that 7 out if 10 dens selling drugs are owned by women.

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“We get our drugs from rural areas, and we have a specific vehicle that we use. Police officers are aware because they pick bribes from us. In Kenya nothing is bigger than money. We sell to anyone drugs, provided we are making money” Said one vendor.

We visited Kibera police station, but they were not cooperative. They confirmed that drugs are being abused and they are trying their level best to fight it.

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