Vybz Kartel Facing ‘life threatening’ Ailment While In Prison

In summary

  • Vybz Kartel suffering from Graves’ Disease, Thyroid condition and battling two heart conditions and complications.
  • A quick surgery advised to avert death.
  • Family distressed in deep prayers.

Jamaican dancehall superstar, Adidja Palmer popularly known as Vybz Kartel is facing a ‘life threating’ ailment while in prison even as he continues to fight for his freedom.

According to a medical report shared by Kartel’s private physician Karen Philips.

Kartel, fondly referred to as the ‘World Boss has been battling the Graves’ Disease-a thyroid condition for the past seven years.

Despite treatment, the condition has persisted.

To avert death, Philips has recommended surgery.

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Poor Cell Conditions

Kartel’s Attorney, Isat Buchanan revealed that Kartel’s health risks are as a result of inhumane prison conditions.

Arguably regarded as the King of dancehall, Kartel has been confined in a tiny solitary cell, with poor ventilation and a bucket for a toilet hence higher health risk.

Vybz Kartel arrested in 2014

“He’s in a cell, and if you can picture a brick oven, because that’s how those cells are built, the ventilation is next to none …no water and a bucket for a toilet are making his health worse ” stated Buchanan.

Buchanan further added that Kartel appears frail, a former shadow of his former self.

Not only is Kartel’s face swollen but also his eyes are protruded.

“His neck was swollen, if you think of a shirt that is about 18.5 inches in the neck area, you couldn’t close the collar on his neck and that’s how bad it is this moment…his face is actually swollen and one other thing, he always wears glasses, in this condition that causes his eyes to protrude” explained Buchanan.

Already, Buchanan has written to the relevant prison and government offices to look into the matter.

Speaking during an interview at their Kingston home, Kartel’s son Adidja Jaheim Palmer alias Likkle Vybz maintained that they had kept their old man in prayers.

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Kartel has been in prison since 2014 for the murder of his ally Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment and only eligible for parole after serving 35 years.

Since he started cooling porridge in prison from 2014, how many years are remaining before he can smell freedom? Do the math.

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