In summary
  • Zerb is in Kenya for some gigs in Nairobi and Mombasa. 
  • Live on Ghetto Radio he clarified the ownership of the hit song Mwaki.
  • Zerb is a DJ and Music producer based in Brazil who almost gave up before Mwaki success. 

Zerb the Brazilian DJ and producer of the hit song Mwaki cleared the air on the song’s ownership. There was controversy about who owned the song between him and Sofiya Nzau.

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DJ Zerb live at Ghetto Radio studios. Photo Courtesy of Ghetto Radio digital


Rightfully he should own it as he explained that Sofiya Nzau uploaded the vocals on a royalty-free site that gives anyone the right to use the vocals, but with permission.

“There are sites where one loads their works for use for free, with no royalty expectations. I found her vocals for the song Mwaki and produced it to a song. I reached out for her permission and that’s it.

The issue of ownership came up with after the success of the song, but it is now settled. We both own it at 50/50 royalty share.” Zerb clarified.

How Zerb and Sofiya Nzau met
Zerb and Sofiya Nzau photo edit courtesy of Ghetto Radio digital


Zerb admitted they had never met face to face and knew nothing about Sofiya until the success of the song.

It is widely expected that to have such a great song, the artists must have been in a studio or share creative chemistry.

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“While compiling my EP, I was missing just one song to complete it. I went to the net in my sources and bounced on the Mwaki vocals. She sounded great to me, and I produced it to the music it is now. I before that I have never met or known her.” Zerb live on Ghetto Radio morning show Brekko.

They now know each other and will be performing together in Diani Mombasa County for the first time in Kenya.

Mwaki’s huge success
Mwaki by Zerb featuring Sofiya Nzau graphic. Photo Courtesy


Zerb admits that Mwaki has changed his life more than any other song he has ever worked on. He majors on electronic music with house feel and this could be his biggest hit.

The surrender EP could have been his last, but things have changed with Mwaki just when he was about to give up.

“I’m in an Uber and I just realized that my song is going crazy viral, and this might actually change my life forever.” Zerb on his TikTok account in October, 10 days after the release.

“Of all my projects, Mwaki has changed my life.” Soft spoken producer and DJ admitted.

The song already has renown DJs such as Diplo remixing it and the future seems endless.

Ironically and sad, Mwaki is not played in Brazilian radios and Zerb is still not a big deal in his home country!

Mwaki now a pop hit in more than 20 countries made Sofiya Nzau the first Kenyan and song to surpass 2.4 million views on Spotify.

December 27, 2023

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