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  • Kenya is losing 3 billion daily during demos.
  • Pressure mounts both sides for cease fire amid hardliners.

As the nation brace for another round of demonstration this week Wednesday, pressure mounts both the government  and the opposition to drop their hardline and cool the country’s’ political temperature that is now suffocating the economy.

According to Kenya Private Sector Alliance KEPSA the country is losing 3 Billion daily during the antigovernment demos and that there were need to have both sides sit down clear their differences.

The loss is occasioned by the closure of business in major towns and damage of properties during protests.

“Every time the country’s’ economic engines are closed for fear of theft and destructions from people who are taking advantage of the demonstrations, occasions unnecessary losses to the tune of about sh. 3 billion daily,’’ KEPSA said.

Azimio Hardline

Despites talks calls and cease fire, the opposition maintains that demonstrations will continue until the government heed to their demands on cost of living.

Azimio co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka Kalonzo Musyoka announced that their demos will resume Wednesday asking their supporters to come out in large number and join them in peaceful demonstration country wide.

He called on the Kenya Kwanza Government not to use excessive force on demonstrators as it is their right to participate in peaceful demonstrations.

“We, therefore, have reached a conclusion on peaceful, and we stress peaceful and unarmed demonstrations,” Kalonzo said during a press conference on Saturday. We call on our people to remain vigilant on that call however much you feel provoked don’t harm any policeman leave it to them to harm you the world is watching,” he said.

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Kenyans Views

Meanwhile another round of demos by Azimio has attracted different views with many now calling on President William Ruto and Azimio leader Raila Odinga to have talks and save Kenya from plunging into economic crisis.

“For now the country is losing a lot we would like to ask the president and his government to stop their hardlines and call opposition for talks…we can not continue this way imagine people are dying, economy is sinking and we are much divided.” John Mark resident Ruraraka.

“Sisi tunaumia huku Matharae kila siku ni teargas na tuko na Watoto vijana wetu lazima wapigwe risasi kila siku mtaani hao mabuda wawili wapatane sisi tumechoka na vita ya kila siku,’’ Mama Knight Mathare resident.


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