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  • The Company Cited Heartache among Clients
  • Company makes U turn on Ban

Easy Coach Transportation Company has announced a ban on the Transportation of fish in its buses.

The company which boasts the largest bus network in the country with services covering 35 destinations released a notice on August 11 this year indicating that the ban would take effect immediately.

“We wish to inform you that with immediate effect fish and products thereof are all forbidden on all Easy Coach limited transport systems whether accompanied or by parcels,”

part of the notice read.

The decision to prohibit the transportation of fish and fish products comes as a response to what the company refers to as “heartache among its clients.”

While the exact nature of this heartache has not been explicitly specified, it appears that the presence of fish on board has somehow been causing distress to passengers.

“It is hoped that you will cooperate with the directive to forestall related complications,”

The notice released by Easy Coach states that the ban extends to all forms of fish transportation, whether accompanied by passengers or as part of parcels.

Easy Coach Makes U -Turn

Some Kenyans on social media have castigated the company for taking such a decision urging the company to reconsider.

“THE PEOPLE shall file a class action case against Easy coach,”


“Kama unataka kupanda Easy Coach then usibebe any form of Samaki as part of your luggage.. Huku watu wako na class,”

@CrKinyan tweeted.

“Why not just announce that “EasyCoach has banned Luos from using its vehicles?”

Lawyer Miguna Miguna tweeted.

“Easy coach will regret this directive. Most of their customers are from the Lakeside,”

Adera Jacob tweeted.

But Easy coach on its twitter handle has clarified saying it was only a temporary order saying the ban has now been lifted.

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