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  • Mulamwah goes back to radio barely a week after quitting.
  • He has revealed that they sat and sorted out their differences.
  • Its just a day after fellow presenter, Alex Mwakideu pulled the same move.

Comedian Mulamwah has announced his return to Milele FM barely a week after quitting.
The celebrated comedian added that they had finally sorted out their differences leading to his return.
He further added that his fans had yielded his comeback.

“Back on Milele FM, we had discussions and came to an agreement. Mambo iko safi kabisa!! Show konki continues 1-4pm Monday to Friday. Asanteni mafans, extension it is, you did it” he posted partly.

Barely a week ago, Mulamwah tendered his resignation from the station citing a contractual misunderstanding.
He had worked at the Media Max owned station for a period of 1 year and 3 months.

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“I have officially quit Milele FM after 1 year and 3 months of service. We could not agree on some aspects of the contract and the scope of work hence calling it quits.
Thank you so much Media Max for the opportunity and also a big thank you to the colleagues who have been very supportive” read part of his statement.

Radio Career

Mulamwah began his radio career on May 16/05/2022 and was paired with Meshack Jillani.
His show ran from 1pm to 4pm, and now he’s back at same spot.

The funny man joined a growing list of comedians who have made a career from radio.
Some of the notable names are Churchill, MCA Tricky and Jalangoo(now Langata Mp) among others.

Mulamwah seemed to have landed the radio job due to his comical skills.
The trained nurse is known for his viral skits touching on day to day experiences.

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Over the years, Mulamwah has grown his brand attracting both private and corporate entities.
However, his life has also been riddled with controversy after parting ways with his estranged girlfriend, Carol Sonnie.

Mulamwah’s about turn comes just a day after fellow presenter, Alex Mwakideu pulled the same move.

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