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  • Ibraah’s unique hoarse voice was a result of sleeping at Harmonize’s Konde Gang dusty store before being signed.
  • Diamond has been offering a stiff competition to Ibraah with his artists in order to cut his growing influence.
  • Ibraah is currently topping charts after staging a comeback following his silence.

Did you know that Ibraah’s unique hoarse voice was a result of sleeping at Harmonize’s Konde Gang dusty stores before being signed?

During that period Harmonize had just detached himself from Diamond’s led Wasafi Record label.

He was now busy putting up his label, Konde Gang when Ibraah came knocking.

Ibraah had knocked on several leading record labels doors to no avail.

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Ladyluck had now fallen on Ibraah’s feet when Harmonize gave him an ear.

He requested Ibraah to keep coming at his studios for more recording sessions.

However, Ibraah had a stumbling block, the distance from where he lived and the studio was quite far.

He had also depleted his savings from his “Mitumba” peddling business.

Thirsty for success, Ibraah reached out to Harmonize to let him stay at his Konde Gang’s dusty stores.

Despite Harmonize’s refusal at first, he finally gave in when Ibraah persisted.

Like a blessing in disguise Ibraah ended up with his unique hoarse voice after staying at the dusty stores for more than a year.

“Nikamwambia wee niruhusu tu najua nitakuwa nalala wapi, Akaniambia ‘Aah sawa kama wewe mwenyewe umeridhika kulala hamna shida ni wewe…pale kulikuwa na stoo nikafagia fagia kulikuwa na vi ceiling board vile nikaweka vizuri, nakumbuka pale palikuwa na carpet lile carpet lilikuwa halijafagiliwa muda mrefu alafu kule kulikuwa nama chokaa alafu na sementi na kulikuwa na vumbi sana ndio maana mpaka leo mimi ukiniona leo ata naongea hivi” he stated partly.

Ibraah, Harmonize with Konde Gang security personnel PHOTO Courtesy

Stiff Competition From Diamond

With Ibraah’s star shinning, there has been stiff competition from Diamond’s signed artists.

Many have opined that every time Ibraah has a new project Wasafi would also be busy cutting him off with their artists promotions.

In his distrack to Diamond and Wasafi “Hayakuhusu” Ibraah reveals Diamond’s uncouth ways of blocking his success.

“Mambo ya kuhonga waandishi wa habari nyi mmezoea tunawajua hata You Tube zetu mnapochokonoa si tunawajua, tunawajua kama vipaji mnavyo sa wivu wa nini” he sings partly.

Ibraah is currently the talk of the town after staging a musical comeback.

His newest release “Hapa” has been topping charts with critics  affirming that he’s the face of pure bongo flava.


September 27, 2023

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