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  • Femi One has threatened to drop a distrack within 72 hours of an ultimatum.
  • She maintained that she was named in the distracks despite her silence.
  • Khaligraph Jones was the mastermind of the Kenya, Tanzania war.

Kenya’s female rapper Femi One has threatened to unleash a distrack aimed at a Tanzanian rapper for disrespecting her.

Despite not mentioning the said artist, Femi revealed that she had heard her name being mentioned in the distracks.

According to Femi, artists were tussling for seats already occupied.

She was saddened by the fact that the said artist was struggling to make ends meet yet was boastful.

“Wasanii mnanichekeshanga sana mlimaliza kupimana nguvu na kung’ang’ania viti zilishakaliwa so mlidecide ni nani ako na misuli ting! tumuinue juu mara tatu ka tumesonga mbele niliskia wasee wananitajataja apa na pale niliskia ma subliminals  like why would you do that na unajijua like unajua your career is picking sahii, you’re not even making money with off your career” she stated partly.

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Ending Career

Femi One affirmed that she’s a wrong dial capable of ending an artists career if she’s messed with.

The “Donjo” rapper went ahead and issued a 72 hours ultimatum for an apology failure to which she will launch a never seen distrack.

“By the way uko na 72 Hours, call me personally you apologize ama nakurudisha ocha” she summed up partly.

A quick look on which artist Femi One was referring to brings Bongo rapper, Motra The Future into the picture.

It’s Motra who mentioned Femi in his distrack “Arap Moi” directed at Khaligraph and the whole Kenyan industry.

“Femi One simpi ata Rosa Ree nampa Barbie Mia” which loosely translates to Femi One not being in the same league as Rosa Ree but the sprouting Barbie Mia.

Our guess stops with Motra since Rosa Ree’s two distracks “Mama Omollo” and “Kanairo” there’s no mention of Femi One.

Still, we’re not dead sure on who Femi One wants to carry in a casket.


September 25, 2023

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