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  • Aslay will be celebrating 10 years in the music industry with a live band performance.
  • He’s grateful to Diamond’s gesture of signing him even though he maintained he’s working elsewhere.
  • The event will be star-studded with Harmonize, Nandy, Ommy Dimpoz, Young Lunya, Beka Flavour, Abby Chams, Enock Bella and That Band set to perform.

Bongo sensation Aslay is set to celebrate his 10 year anniversary in the music industry.

Aslay will mark the day through a live band performance with 100 songs on offer.

From Aslay’s 100 songs set, there are new songs which are yet to be heard anywhere.

According to Aslay, the move is a form of “Thank You” to his loyal fans.

It’s also an affirmation for his presence in the musical realm.

“Ni miaka kumi ya Aslay katika game kuna vitu vingi nimepitia ndani ya game kuna vitu vingi nimeviona ndani ya game kwa hiyo ni muda sasa wa kutoa shukran kwa mashabiki zangu ambao kila siku wananisapoti kwenye mazuri, kwenye mabaya wanakuwa pamoja na mimi kwa hiyo ni kama shukrani na pia ni kwa kuwaonyesha Aslay bado yupo na anatoa burudani kama kawaida” he stated partly.

He further revealed that the development is a good tiding since he had gone off radar for a while.

Star Studded Showpiece

The event which is slated for September 30th, 2023 at Warehouse will feature the who is who in the Tanzanian industry.

They include Harmonize, Nandy, Young Lunya, Enock Bella, Abby Chams, Ommy Dimpoz, That Band, Harmonize and Beka Flavour.

Yamoto Band PHOTO Courtesy

Grateful To Diamond’s Gesture

Aslay further shared his gratitude towards Diamond for opening up on signing him.

Still, he declined the offer stating that he was already working elsewhere.

He further disclosed that he has a good relationship with his former band mate, Mbosso.

Since the death of Yamoto band, Aslay has maintained his streak as a solo act.

He’s known for songs like Natamba, Muhudumu and Pusha among others.



September 25, 2023

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