• Hygienic benefits of taking care of your feet

Most weekend women fill up beauty spots to get their manicures, pedicures, facial and other beauty services done.

Kenyan men are slowly picking up some self-care tips which include facials and notably some have embraced applying colorless nail polish.

However a section still term this as a female thing and discourage their fellow men from doing such.

Men however are advised to get pedicures, during this sessions the areas underneath your toes get thoroughly cleaned and scrubbing the bottom of your feet which helps get rid of any dead skin

While some think its wastage of money to get pedicures done, it’s actually termed as relaxing and it’s a good thing to keep in mind the hygienic benefits of actually paying close attention to your feet.

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It can be basic cleaning, or you can actually choose to introduce your legs to milk-based creams or green tea-scented lotions.

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The next time you are making a booking to see your barber, kindly make arrangements to get some pedicure.

It’s very easy, you’ll arrive, roll up your pants, and find yourself seated in a massage chair, with your feet in a tub of warm water.

Benefits of getting a pedicure

After this a few things will have been done

  • Your nails will get clipped and shaped.
  • Any dirt hiding between your nails and skin will get painlessly removed.
  • The dead skin on the bottom of your toes and feet will be scoured until they reach a level of softens you didn’t know existed.
  • Expect some soothing lotions and gels to be rubbed on your feet and ankles

In most beauty spots ,you can actually get a pedicure done with less than one thousand Kenya shilling .

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