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  • Former member of Hip hop group, Fugees Pras received $20 million from Malaysian billionaire Jho Low to help him get a photo with the former US president.
  • Pras is facing corruption charges
  • He admitted to being an informant with the FBI which has seen rapper 50 Cent lash at him

Would you part with Ksh. 2 Billion for a photo with former Us president Barack Obama? This is the biggest question everyone is asking after former member of hip hop group, Fugees Prakazrel Samuel Michel commonly known as Pras admitted to pocketing Ksh. 2 Biillion from beleaguered Malaysian billionaire Jho Low to help him get a photo with Obama back in 2012.

Pras was testifying in his corruption and conspiracy cases that see him staring at a 22 year old jail term. The case has been ongoing for seven years now.

After pocketing the hefty sum, Pras stated that he channeled $800,000 of it to the Obama Victory Fund at various events that were attended by the then president. What a shrewd businessman you can do the math on what he was left with.

From the ‘photo deal’, Pras further landed another task, to bargain for the release and possible extradition of jailed Chinese dissident Guo Wengui who’s cooling heels in an American prison.

In addition, Pras was to persuade the Us government to go slow on investigating Jho Low’s alleged under dealings.

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All this earned Pras more than $100 million

According to prosecutors, Pras acted as an unregistered agent of China and Malaysian billionaire Jho Low in order to get favours from the Us government.

Some figures charged alongside Pras have already pleaded guilty as they await sentencing even as Pras denies any wrongdoing.

On the release and extradition of Chinese dissident, Guo Wengui Pras revealed that he was an informant for the FBI something which has left many talking.

50 Cent’s Backlash

With news of Pras being an informant for the FBI traveling like wildfire, rapper 50 Cent hit out at the former maintaining that he knew all along that Pras was a spy.

“😆😆😆 I knew this fool was a rat!Am glad i never f** with this guy ” captioned 50 Cent followed by a photo of Pras.

His fans also went full throttle accusing Pras of being the industry’s ‘sell-out’, they went further citing lines from The Fugees,Song ‘Gonna Find You ‘as Pas’s creation for it’s federal punch.

“Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide, gonna find you and take it slowly ” goes part of the lines.

The Fugees, coined from “refugees” are among the most notable hip hop groups to have ruled the Us and world’s chart’s. The trio comprising of Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill and Pras Michel are best remembered for their 1997 album, The score which scooped 2  Grammy’s, Best Rap Album and Best R&B vocal performance by duo or Group.

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